August, 2017

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January 4th, 2018

Corrina Tucker
on Text Encoding

Stereoscope of archery at Penn State Behrend

I started to learn the XML language less than a year ago, now I am encoding documents for a professional university. The Stereoscopic Society of America is a group of individuals who are still active today in preserving the stereoscope and the stereographs along with them. I was excited to start this project because of my love for photography and learning about past techniques. I wanted to see how all the pictures would have looked like during the time but knew that the technique is long gone. It would be almost impossible for an average individual to view the stereographs as they were intended to be viewed. I decided to do this digitally, so not only can I view these images as they were meant to be looked at, but so everyone in the world could also see these images. Continue reading...